TOKYO Tour 2: JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour)


Our tours are private tours and the tour fee is for the group of your own. We do not mix tours with other groups.

  • TOKYO Tour 2JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour)

    This tour is recommended for early birds. The tour includes major sites in Tokyo but by starting early in the morning. You can enjoy quiet city of Tokyo in the beginning of the tour.

    Meeting time and place

    At 7:15am in the lobby of your hotel in Tokyo (if you would like to see the early morning shrine ritual)
    or at 9:30am in the lobby of your hotel in Tokyo


    We ride JR trains and subways so you can get used to using them.


    An Imperial shrine, Meiji Shrine, which is very quiet in the morning and you will see a morning service by the priests. Modern architectural tour in Omotesando area. Then you will move to the Tsukiji's old fish market site (not viewing bidding but seeing the outer market) and have a sushi break, if requested. We can then move on to Hamarikyu Garden.
    **The fish market has moved to Toyosu. It is easy to visit the fish market on your own. Thus, it is not included in our tours.


    You can have a coffee break during the tour, the so-called ‘the morning set’ served at coffee shops for Japanese business people who missed breakfast or you can also have an early sushi lunch in Tsukiji area.

    ***Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. In Japan, most of the food are cooked in a broth made of kelp and dried bonito flakes (dashi broth). Thus, if you cannot accept dashi, we will have to choose some Western style food.

    Ending time and place

    The tour will end at 12 noon at a place convenient for you. PLease let the guide know where you would like to go after the tour. If you are going to the shopping districts, such as Shibuya, Harajuku or Odaiba, after the tour, your guide can help you to the area. If you would like to ride on the seabus from Hamarikyu to Asakusa area, we can check the boat time.

    Extended tour

    For 6-hour: JPY33,000
    For 7-hour: JPY35,000

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