Some tips for Japan trip


Our tours are private tours and the tour fee is for the group of your own. We do not mix tours with other groups.

  • Socks:
    We advise you that you wear socks inside the ryokans, restaurants, temples and houses where you have to take your shoes off. It is not a good manner in Japan to walk in bare feet indoor or to wear the provided indoor-slippers in bare feet.

    Public transport:
    We are expected to talk quietly on trains and subways, not to disturb other people. You will probably notice how quiet it is on the trains when you arrive in Japan!

    Eating on the streets:
    Basically Japanese are expected to sit and eat. You will not see people walking and eating on the streets. The so-called street-food shops usually provide a small bench for you to sit down. However, due to the past decades' trend of drinking out of bottled drinks, Japanese seem to be a bit more comfortable to walk and drink. Mmmm, but still not alcohol drinks!!

    Eating on the trains:
    When Japanese travel on the long-distance trains such as on bullet trains and limited express trains that travels for more than one hour on a high-speed, they enjoy taking a box-lunch and eating and drinking while enjoying the views from the windows. When you travel to the country sides, the box-lunch prepared with the local specialties are also sold at train stations. However, on the local trains and commuting subways and buses, it is not acceptable to eat food even if you are seated.

    JR Passes:
    If your long-distance bullet train rides are taken within in 7-days, you might like to check JR 7-Day Pass.

    IC-Cards for trains, buses and subways:
    You can purchase IC-Cards at any train/subway stations. Each area sells differently named cards (SUICA, ICOCA, etc.) but you can use them almost throughout Japan. It is much more efficient to use these cards so that you do not need to purchase tickets at each ride.

    Restaurant booking:
    It is not acceptable to cancel the bookings once made. Many Michelin starred restaurants only accept booking via hotel concierge for foreign tourists to secure cancellation charge. We advise you that you book restaurants only when you are 100% certain that you will go. Even if you did not book these famous restaurants, there are so many other good restaurants especially in Tokyo and Kyoto. You can easily find a good place to go after your arrival in Japan.


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