KYOTO Tour 3: JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour)


Our tours are private tours and the tour fee is for the group of your own. We do not mix tours with other groups.

  • KYOTO Tour 3JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour)

    This tour is recommended for those who would like to visit the famous bamboo grove in Arashiyama area. You will also visit some other sites in the area.

    Meeting time and place

    At 9am in the lobby of your Kyoto hotel/ryokan or in the lobby of Kyoto Granvia Hotel in the Kyoto Station Building.


    We will use JR train, subways, trams and/or buses. If you have JR Passes, please bring them. You can also try trams, which unlike other large cities, are still running in Kyoto.
    In this tour, you will also use a short taxi ride (max. 4 passengers in one taxi.).


    (Area directly west of the city center)
    Temples (Daikaki-ji, Seiryo-ji and Tenryu-ji) in Arashiyama area
    Bamboo forest


    In this area, good lunch venues are slightly limited as we are picky about not choosing touristy restaurants. We also recommend a big tofu lunch with tempura and many other small dishes made of soy beans. Approximately JPY3,500 per person. Otherwise, our guide will recommend another place to accommodate to your requests, either in the area or on the way back from the area to the city center.

    ***Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. In Japan, most of the food are cooked in a broth made of kelp and dried bonito flakes (dashi broth).

    Ending time and place

    At 2pm. Please discuss with your guide where to end the tour.

    Extended tour

    Extended tour fees are 6-Hour Tour: total JPY33,000

    Additional site

    An old house visit: Admission JPY1,000 per person. Please also pay for the guide’s admission for this house visit. The house was built 150 years ago and is still used by the same family. You will learn not only about the architecture of the traditional Kyoto’s wealthy merchant’s house but also how people’s life has changed from the 300 years ago to present time.
    (Require booking in advance. 100% Cancellation charge from 2 weeks prior to visit.)

    Additional site

    Iwatayama Monkey Park visit at the start of the tour.

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