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  • OSAKA Tour 1JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour)

    Osaka developed as a city of merchants. For this reason, it is now known as a 'merchants' town'. Although the city was mostly devastated in the last century, our tour will take you to some historical sites and streets and alleys of stores to enjoy the ambiance of downtown Osaka. The meeting point in Osaka is only a half-an-hour away from Kyoto by a local train or a 15-minute bullet train ride. Enjoy another face of Japan with friendly merchants and great food during our tour.

    Meeting time and place

    For those using JR Passes or bullet trains to Osaka:
    At 9:30am at the Central Exit (Shinkansen Chuo-guchi) of Shin-Osaka Station (Osaka's bullet train station), just outside the ticket turnstile by the booth where the station staff is.

    For those staying in Kyoto city center area:
    At 10am at the Hankyu-line Umeda Station (by the JR Osaka Station). Please take Hanky-line from Kawaramachi Station in Kyoto departing at 9:09am and arriving at Umeda Station at 9:53am. At arrival at Umeda Station, walk to the very front of the train you get off and you will see the large exit with ticket turnstiles. Please wait just before you go out the ticket turnstile in an open space by a store.

    For those staying in Osaka:
    At 9am at lobby of Hotel Granvia Osaka at JR Osaka Station, in front of the Front Desk.


    We use a boat, a subways and may be a short taxi ride if preferred.


    Osaka Castle visit with a good view of the castle from a Japanese garden A ride on Aqualiner to Yodoyabashi and then subway to Nanba Visit the narrow and long alley of Doguyasuji (stores of all tools for restaurant owners) Walk through the famous Dotonbori in the crowd. Then a stop at a small historical temple, Hozen-ji, near by.


    We eat at a local restaurant famous in Osaka. Please enjoy choosing a restaurant with our guide. Okonomiyaki lunch is certainly recommended if you are in Osaka!

    ***Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. In Japan, most of the food are cooked in a broth made of kelp and dried bonito flakes (dashi broth).

    Ending place

    The tour will end at a place in Osaka convenient for the rest of your afternoon.

    Extended tour

    For 6-hour: JPY33,000
    For 7-hour: JPY35,000

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