Our tours are private tours and the tour fee is for the group of your own. We do not mix tours with other groups.

  • NARA Tour 1JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour) | JPY35,000 (for a 7-hour tour)

    The Nara tour is possible as a day trip from either Kyoto or Osaka areas. You will visit Nara Park, the Great Buddha Hall in Todai-ji Temple and if requested, we will walk through the back alleys of Nara old town.

    Here are 2 choices of tours for Nara

    1) 7-Hour Tour: Meet our guide in Kyoto or Osaka and travel to Nara (Tour fee is JPY35,000)
    2) 5-Hour tour: Meet our guide in Nara and end in Nara (Tour fee is JPY28,000.)

    Meeting time and place

    For a tour 1) starting in Kyoto:
    ● At 9am in the lobby of Kyoto Gravia Hotel in the JR Kyoto Station building
    For a tour 1) starting in Osaka:
    ● At 9am in front of the Tourist Information at JR Osaka Station just outside the Bridge Exit (one floor above the platforms) in the JR Osaka Station building
    For a tour 2) starting in Nara, for those using Kintetsu-line to Nara:
    ● At 10:10am at the exit of Kintetsu-line Nara Station.
    For a tour 2) starting in Nara, for those using JR trains to Nara:
    ● At 10:15am at the exit of JR Nara Station


    We use a short bus ride or one or two short taxi rides to spend the time efficiently. However, it is your choice and the guide will explain more about the choices during the tour.

    Visit (Area directly east of the city center and returning to an old part of the city for lunch)

    Nara Park, Todai-ji Temple with the Great Buddha Hall, Kofuku-ji Temple and old town of Naramachi area


    We will help you choose a lunch venue in downtown Nara, e.g. wagyu beef-grilling lunch, okonomiyaki, unagi eel lunch.

    ***Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions. In Japan, most of the food are cooked in a broth made of kelp and dried bonito flakes (dashi broth).

    Ending place

    The tours will end at the starting point after 5 hours (or 7 hours) from the starting time.

    Extended tour

    Extended tour fees are 6-Hour Tour: total JPY33,000, 8-Hour Tour: JPY38,000

    Additional site

    Horyu-ji Temple, the oldest wooden structure in the world, is approximately 20-minutes from JR Nara Station. This visit requires another full one-hour to/from Nara Station. Thus, in order to include Horyu-ji Temple visit within the one-hour extended tour, we may shorten the Naramachi area visit.

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    (e.g. Kyoto tours: 9am, Tokyo tours: 9:30am)
    Meeting place(s)
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    Any information you want the guide to know about you (e.g. dietary restrictions,ending place etc.)

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