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  • KAMAKURA Tour 1JPY28,000 (for a 5-hour tour)

    Kamakura is approximately 1-hour train ride from Tokyo Station. You will meet your guide at JR Kamakura Station and end the tour at Kamakura Station. This tour is recommended for those who have spent a few days in Tokyo and have learnt how to use JR trains.

    About Kamakura

    Kamakura was once a government capital run by powerful samurai clan in the 13th century. You will see learn about the history of Kamakura as you walk through the back alleys in Kamakura to avoid the tourists. Kamakura is located very close to the beaches that Tokyoites enjoy swimming and surfing. It will be a get-away from the central Tokyo to see the green hills and small back alleys with old temples and shrines.

    Meeting time and place

    Take a JR train to JR Kamakura Station and meet our guide at JR Exit for transfer to Enoden Railway. We will give you detailed train times and directions once you let us know your starting point (your hotel).
    Meeting time: For you to avoid the morning rush hours, you can meet your guide at around 10:30am at JR Kamakura Station. If the tour is on Saturday, Sunday or holidays, please let us know if you can leave your hotel earlier than 9am.


    We use some short rides on Enoden Railway from Kamakura Station and enjoy strolling throughout the tour.

    Visit (Kamakura vicinity)

    You will visit the Great Buddha and local shrines and temples. Kamakura is also know for wood carving crafts.


    You will find local restaurants in the area. However, here is one good suggestion for foodies! One local family-run restaurant (lucky if we could book!) serves lovely lunch with lots of local vegetable in the price range of JPY2,000 to JPY3,000 per person. The restaurant is located perfect place in the tour route and is in a residential-style house. Please let us know if you would like seats booked. **Please please note that we cannot cancel the bookings once made and it will require minimum cancellation charge of JPY2,000 per seat.

    Ending place

    At JR Kamakura Station unless you would like to continue shopping near the last part of the tour route.

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